Guns and illegal immigrants

It is pretty well known that at gun shows in the United States there are often less than strict background checks when guns are sold (as in, none at all), and I was reminded about it when the New York City mayor prompted undercover video tapings of such transactions to argue for stricter gun control. Opposition to gun control is a favorite canard for those of right-wing political beliefs, but so is a vehement reaction to illegal immigration.

This makes me wonder: for those who are both adamantly opposed to any gun control and want draconian measures enforced against illegal immigrants, would I get to see their heads explode when they're asked about an illegal immigrant trying to buy a gun at a gun show without any background checks?

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  1. Old conservatives would probably say this: if you are doing a background check on an illegal immigrant, then you should know he's an illegal immigrant.

    New conservatism, i.e. libertarians, would say that you don't do a background check and you don't ship them.

    I would say, do the background check and give them the gun only after they are entered into the system and start paying taxes. And no one buys a gun if they are on the government dollar. You forgo your rights when you leach from the system. To me, you are a permanent employee of the state and there are not a lot of jobs that let you carry firearms into work.

    1. Doing a background check means having at least some gun control, and not shipping any guns is an even stricter control on guns, so obviously such solutions won't satisfy someone who hates any form of gun control. And tying the payment of taxes with gun purchases pretty much has little to do with illegal immigrants, many of whom pay both income tax and sales tax. (Do illegal immigrants often request a refund for the income tax withheld from their paychecks? I somehow doubt that, but then I don't really know how they manage their taxes ...)

      Obviously, I don't expect anyone's head to explode if they accept a reasonable level of gun control or are not so vehement about illegal immigrants. :p

    1. This brings to mind the hefty number of people on the government payroll who are required to carry guns. :p

      (OK, so soldiers aren't leeching from the government, but neither is it so clearcut that illegal immigrants are leeching: it could be argued the rest of the country is leeching off of them by paying them below-average wages, and they are almost certainly not on the government payroll.)

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