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Star Wars digital downloads

The impossible has just happened. The Star Wars movies are officially going to be made available for digital download and online-only viewing from the usual digital movie retail sites this Friday, including from the Google Play Store.

I thought this day would never come, given what I've heard about George Lucas' opinion about movies being made available without physical media, but I guess it was bound to happen after Disney bought LucasFilm.

Disclaimer: I currently work for Google, although the reason for the link to the Google Play Store is because that's what I use, and not because of where I work.

Getting otakus to donate blood

Donating blood

Only in Akihabara, Japan, the mecca for otaku who are crazy about all things anime and manga, could you see a heavily anime-themed blood donation facility. If I lived around a facility like that, I'd almost be tempted to give blood all the time (which is obviously the point).

This reminds me: I should be donating blood, anyway. Not only as a good deed, but I need to be contributing more than enough blood in case I ever need some blood myself. Now if I can just find the time to donate blood without having to worry about the lack of energy for the rest of the day ...