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The Atheist Blogroll

Join the Atheist Blogroll

The Atheist Blogroll is a list of blogs by atheists and agnostics maintained by Mojoey from Deep Thoughts. They're not all blogs exclusively about atheism; like this blog, many of them are about a bewildering variety of subjects. The one thing common among them is that none of the blog authors are religious and that they occasionally talk about atheism or agnosticism every once in a while.

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Moving blogging platform

I will be migrating Stochastic Scribbles to a self-managed WordPress installation, so in the meantime I will be turning off all comments in this blog. And don't worry if no posts are made for a while; I'll be spending all of my free time in moving the blog. You'll know when the move is complete when the blog suddenly looks different and comments can be made again.