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Good reality TV

I have a low opinion of most reality television shows. The things they make people do feel way too contrived, not to mention that a lot of the supposedly dramatic moments feel contrived, too. But there are some rare exceptions, such as the show God Loves ME Best!. It helps that it's not a real reality show but rather a parody of a reality show.

The "premise" of the show is to gather people with various religious beliefs and show how they live together. I find it very funny the way they satirize all of the represented religions (and non-religion). Even us atheists are shown in an unflattering light. And the opening sequence reminds me of the Brady Bunch.

Raptor Jesus

There is a hilarious cult of Jesus Christ claiming that the head of Jesus was that of a raptor. The sad thing is that the arguments for the claim were so similar to the types that some fundamentalist Christians use that I had to double check that it wasn't a real cult. Poe's Law strikes again!

I wish it were the case that I could have dismissed it as satire immediately, but sadly it's the case that some Christians seriously believe some weird things and often employ confused arguments (like what some believe about thermodynamics or the power of prayer). It's sometimes really hard to figure out whether certain religious content is sincere or parody.

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me is a hilarious podcast where they make fun of the weekly news. It's a quiz show where the questions are hilarious, and you'll discover things that you would never believe happening. The intervening breaks where regular panelists try to guess the answer to a question are also really funny, especially when they don't know the answer.

It's actually a radio show which is also being provided as a podcast. I don't listen to the show through radio since I prefer podcasts, not to mention that I don't even have a radio, which means you'll probably never hear me on the show as a contestant.