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When parody becomes reality

Seven years ago, when the Onion published a parody article about a speech by Bush which blatantly has him declaring his intentions to destroy the peace and prosperity of America, I would have found the article hilarious. But now that we have gone through seven years of the Bush presidency, it's incredibly depressing to find how much in the article have actually been achieved. Only a few things in the parody speech have not come true, such as there being no tax hike that was to follow the tax cuts, and the ban on oil drilling in certain regions is still in effect, although the administration is doing its hardest to lift the latter.

When there is a parody speech with the president advocating harm to one's own country, one would expect that the authors and readers to think that a real president would not aim to achieve most of the things mentioned in the speech. So it's very hard not to think that there's something terribly wrong with the government of the United States when most of them have indeed been accomplished.

Good reality TV

I have a low opinion of most reality television shows. The things they make people do feel way too contrived, not to mention that a lot of the supposedly dramatic moments feel contrived, too. But there are some rare exceptions, such as the show God Loves ME Best!. It helps that it's not a real reality show but rather a parody of a reality show.

The "premise" of the show is to gather people with various religious beliefs and show how they live together. I find it very funny the way they satirize all of the represented religions (and non-religion). Even us atheists are shown in an unflattering light. And the opening sequence reminds me of the Brady Bunch.