Help Iraqi women

Rebecca Watson of Skepchick mentioned a donation drive to help activists escape Iraq. These are women's rights activists whose lives are literally threatened by the misogyny currently prevailing in Iraq.

The story starts with an Iraqi teenage girl in Basra who happened to get to know a young British soldier. Nothing inappropriate happened between the two, but she felt attracted to him and mentioned this to a friend. Word somehow got around to his father, and this was enough for him to beat her to death, despite nothing happening and only having some tentative feelings. What's worse is that her brothers gleefully helped her die. The only ones in the family with any decency were the girl herself and the mother, who tried to stop the father from beating the girl to death.

The mother divorced the father and went into hiding. A women's rights group was going to help her escape from the country because of the threat to her life, but she was shot dead in a drive-by shooting. And now the activists in the women's rights group can't afford to get anyone else, including themselves, out of the horribly oppressive region. And yet their lives are literally under threat by a misogynist culture which thinks nothing of the life of a woman.

Donations are being collected to help get the women out. I've donated what I can, and I can only hope it helps get the women out to safety. I just cannot imagine what goes in the head of the men in the region, where they apparently think it's not just OK but their duty to kill any woman who seems to defy male authority. It's even worse that the local government in Basra seems to be tacitly condoning such atrocities.