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Angered by conservatives, blame liberals

It’s very puzzling to me when a man, angry at not being able to get a job and being cut off from food stamps, would go out and shoot at people in a Unitarian Universalist church for their liberalism. Isn’t outsourcing and reduction of welfare more of a conservative right agenda? And isn’t it the conservative right’s agenda for as little oversight and control of the financial markets a big reason for the current severe downturn in the economy? And why did he have to go and shoot at Unitarian Universalists, especially when they had nothing at all to do with his woes?

With Unitarian Universalism being one of the few religions I have great respect for, it’s quite sad to hear them being attacked for something they have no responsibility for. Incidents like these also just reinforce the belief that irrational people are often unable to realize the problems they themselves or their beliefs cause, and instead blame the ones who actually want to make things better.