Bad little North Korea

North Korea is yet again balking at dismantling its nuclear program. Given the constant hostile threats the country makes and the way they marginalize human life, they're really trying hard to make people think that they don't deserve humanitarian aid. It almost makes me wish that all aid is halted so that the current North Korean government could collapse the way their incompetence deserves.

On the other hand, withholding aid could result in thousands or even millions starving to death, so I can't quite be vocal about halting humanitarian aid to North Korea. And of course, there's the specter of war if things get too bad in the country. It's a messy dilemma they're putting the rest of the world in.

5 Replies to “Bad little North Korea”

  1. Unfortunately the way foreign aid works at the moment, it serves more to keep their regime in power than to help. Perhaps if foreign aid stopped, people would have finally had enough and rebel

  2. Another frustrating thing is that the North Korean government itself might also be caught in a Catch-22, not just the rest of the world. If they loosen their grip a bit, it might open the door to revolt, while if they continue to maintain their tight grip, things will just get worse. I don't have much sympathy for them, though, since the entire situation is largely their own fault.

  3. The collapse of the N Korean dictatorship is what the thinking world fears. They weigh the damage the crackpots are doing to their own people against the damage millions of desperate, armed and brain washed soldiers would do if allowed to escape their present borders and masters. Voluntary containment is presently more desirable even if that means millions starving to death when the aid is given to the hungry soldiers instead of the people.

  4. Yeah, that's probably the prime motivation for aid by the governments. Though I'm not sure which of an uncontrolled rampage by hungry soldiers and citizens or a deliberate military conflict waged by the North Korean government would be worse.

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