Incredible Republican pettiness

It's one thing to vote against an important bill and being honest about thinking it's a bad bill. It's another thing entirely when the bailout bill is rejected out of pure pettiness. Or at least a pretense of pure pettiness; I'm not sure which is worst. The bailout bill is incredibly important, no matter whether it would be the economy's salvation or its downfall, so it's extraordinarily inane that House Republicans would claim that they voted against it purely because the House speaker was critical of the Republican Party.

The critical speech by House speaker Nancy Pelosi may have been inappropriate (I don't think so, but I can see their point), but I can't believe anyone would cite this as a reason to vote against the bailout bill. If they thought it was a disastrous bill, then they should have said so, not try to use a ridiculous excuse that puts the House Republicans in an extremely bad light.

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  1. Aren't we glad that McCain suspended his campaign last week so he could get it all straightened out? ;-) He did a great job!!

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