Ivins deduced the anthrax attacker

In a bizarre twist in the anthrax case, Dr. Ivins seemed to have thought that he figured out who the culprit was in the anthrax attacks of 2001. From what I hear about him, he seemed to be an Internet troll and an eccentric, but this hardly makes a compelling case for Dr. Ivins being the perpetuator. And it's even harder to think so given that he emailed himself about figuring out who the actual perpetuator was.

It's odd that he failed to tell anyone about his suspicions, though. On the other hand, he may have indeed told the authorities and was harassed for it. Perhaps he was silenced and his death set up to look like a suicide to hide a conspiracy in the government. I've always thought that the FBI was scapegoating Dr. Ivins to avoid the political embarrassment of being unable to solve the case, but this new twist gives a little bit of credence to conspiracy theories that the anthrax attacks were orchestrated by the government.

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  1. He talked about murdering his co-workers and random strangers with a ballpoint pen. Sure there is always a chance he was a saint, but I suspect he is better 6 feet under. Enjoy the worms Doc.

  2. I'm pretty sure he was far from being a saint, but I really don't like the way the FBI seems to be trying to close the case on a flimsy basis. Not to mention that the email in question raises the possibility that one crazy person figured out the identity of another psychopath responsible for the attacks.

  3. Just to clarify things a bit: I don't think that Dr. Ivins couldn't have been responsible for the anthrax attacks. He may indeed be responsible or he may not. Rather, it's that the FBI has nowhere near an airtight case for them to close the investigation the way they seem so eager to do.

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