Moving blogging platform

I will be migrating Stochastic Scribbles to a self-managed WordPress installation, so in the meantime I will be turning off all comments in this blog. And don't worry if no posts are made for a while; I'll be spending all of my free time in moving the blog. You'll know when the move is complete when the blog suddenly looks different and comments can be made again.

Martian clouds from Phoenix

Being the dry planet it is, I usually think of Mars as a planet with hardly any ice or clouds. Of course, the Mars Phoenix Lander gave us close-up looks of the water ice at the Martian north pole. And Mars does have clouds. And they're clouds actually made up of water, not something like carbon dioxide! Phoenix also spent some time taking pictures of the Martian sky with its clouds. Before you think that this is a big discovery by Phoenix, you should know that we've known about them for decades. But the animated sequence of images is still very cool.

Corruption in university politics

Remember the uproar over Crackergate? Webster Cook, the student who was harassed and received death threats for taking a piece of bread out of a church, has been impeached from his position in the university senate. What's galling is that the impeachment proceedings against him seems to have been corrupted so that he could neither defend himself nor were the testimony against him verified.

I don't know if it was religiously motivated or whether it was pure dirty politics, but it's corruption nonetheless. They went to all this trouble to impeach someone for taking a piece of food; somehow I doubt they're going to try anything against the people who made death threats against Webster Cook, something infinitely more serious.