Why I am not a Republican

I'm a rather conservative person. I believe in a fiscally conservative government. I have a conservative lifestyle, where I avoid vices such as gambling or drinking. I'm sexually conservative, with cheating on a sexual partner being unthinkable, and in fact I don't make sexual partners easily in the first place. (Some think that I'm too conservative on this point.) I strongly believe that a stable family environment is important. Given all this, why am I not a Republican?

It's because being a Republican really has little to do with what I want. Republicans are responsible for a huge federal government with record deficits. I have absolutely no interest in controlling the behavior of other people as long as they do no harm to others, but a major part of the Republican agenda has been all about controlling people, be it religion, sexuality, or even plain old speech and thinking. I want government policies that are based on reality, not policies which are based on pure fantasy, policies whose justifications need to be fabricated despite scientific evidence to the contrary. I want diversity, not conformity.

That's why I so despise the new vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. I don't care at all that her 17-year old daughter got pregnant out of wedlock. Even rumblings that wonder whether she could be an effective vice president while still taking proper care of her large family seems like a red herring. Maybe some people won't like her simply because she's a woman, but I am definitely not one of those people. Sarah Palin's personal life has nothing to do with why I dislike her.

I despise her because she lies with a straight face about how much a reformer she is, when she was a big supporter of earmarks and subscribe to the same values that has put us into such a mess over eight years of the Bush administration. She ignores reality and thinks that pure wishful thinking is supposed to work. She also has no problem with doublespeak and hypocrisy: she's the type to lambast any non-conservative who has an unwed and pregnant teenage daughter.

Sarah Palin represents much of what I despise in today's Republican Party. As Jon Stewart astutely points out on the Daily Show, too many of them dabble in doublespeak and double standards, and it's not as if only minor insignificant figures do so:

In fact, doublespeak has become so ingrained that a lot of them can't even speak out loud an ordinary everyday word, which Samantha Bee is able to use to great comic effect:

Oh, where did the Republican Party of yore which valued fiscal conservatism and abolished slavery go?