Another victim of faith healing

The Friendly Atheist mentions yet another case of someone dying from an easily treatable condition because they chose to rely on faith instead of modern medicine. It's one thing to refuse an uncertain and dangerous medical treatment, but choosing wishful thinking over proven medical treatments is just stupid, even if it pains me to say so. And if inflicted on someone else, it should indeed be considered criminal.

People should realize that when reality and pure wishful thinking collide, reality is always going to prevail.

3 Replies to “Another victim of faith healing”

  1. At least the parents are facing criminal charges, even if they turned themselves in, probably with the belief that they would be martyrs. I hope they truly feel remorse, but I have a bit of a doubt about this.

    This reminded me to take another look at What's the Harm?, but I couldn't stay long because all the cases started to make me feel physically ill.

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