Flight of the Falcon 1

Launch of Falcon 1

Via the Bad Astronomer, I learned about the cool music video that SpaceX has released showing footage from their successful launch of the Falcon 1 rocket. I'm going to put it on my iPod. Falcon 1 is the first successful rocket that was privately designed from scratch to reach orbit. It looks like a bargain compared to existing rockets maintained by national governments, with an $8 million price tag for about a half a ton payload.

I'm also looking forward to a successful launch of their planned Falcon 9 rocket with anticipation. If things work out, then we could have manned space flights by a purely private company within a few years. Not to mention that NASA would have a relatively cheap way to put people in space when the Shuttle is retired, without having to rely on Russia.

I do have a secret desire to see Japan's proposed $10 billion project for a space elevator succeed. It's rather far-fetched but within the realm of possibility: I might actually be able to afford to reach orbit within my lifetime.