Incoherent Republican campaigning

John McCain

What has happened to the Republican political savvy? Has the departure of Karl Rove from the political shadows to the media been a tremendous blow to their political machine? It seems that the Republican Party has been incredibly incoherent in their messages recently. At least with Karl Rove and the Bush administration, they were pretty much consistent about their "give us all the power we want, you don't need any rights" message, and dramatically contrary statements were spaced years apart. Now they seem to be vacillating between opposing positions within days.

This trend first became apparent when the McCain campaign went from "a president needs experience" to picking an even more inexperienced politician as the vice presidential nominee. Next they went from "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" and "let failing companies fail" to "the economy will melt down if failing companies are not bailed out" within a week. And now he's saying that it's not the time to play the blame game while simultaneously blaming Obama for the failure of the bailout bill, even as his own party blames Obama for helping pass the bill that didn't even pass, all within the same day.

At the rate that the flip-flopping by the Republican Party is accelerating, I expect that it will create a singularity in the fabric of space-time and destroy our planet any time now. Not that flip-flopping is necessarily bad, but they're doing it way too fast. While McCain might still be guaranteed the votes of hardcore Republicans, it can't be doing anything good for his reputation among independent voters. It's almost as if McCain wants to lose the presidential election, while being aggressive enough in his campaign so that he can still plausibly claim that he was trying to win ...