Stupid Obama opposition

There were many oddities about the supposed assault of a McCain supporter, where she claimed to be attacked by a black Obama supporter (sexual molestation included). And to no one's surprise except for ultra-impulsive ultra-conservatives, it turned out to be a transparent hoax. The proper way to treat this case is to consider it an isolated but dumb attempt to tarnish a presidential candidate's campaign.

Skinheads. Pinheads.

Or at least it would be, if it wasn't followed closely by news of two white supremacists planning to kill Barack Obama and a lot of other black people. And from all appearances, their intent was sincere. They even went as far as arming themselves. Fortunately, they were too stupid to actually accomplish anything. They couldn't even break into a house properly during an attempt at robbery, which would have supposedly been part of their plan to support themselves in their killing spree. And their plan consisted of little more than killing everyone they come across.

This is the second incredibly stupid thing to come out from Obama opposers in as many weeks. No doubt there are plenty of bright people who are against Obama, but the magnitude of the stupidity suggests that the stupid ones are really stupid. I wonder if there is a causal connection? Now I'm confusing correlation with causation, not to mention the overgeneralization ...

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  1. Thnx 4 teh link! :-)

    Personally, I think that this is the sleeping monster that McCain awoke when he chose Palin.

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