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The Atheist Blogroll is a list of blogs by atheists and agnostics maintained by Mojoey from Deep Thoughts. They're not all blogs exclusively about atheism; like this blog, many of them are about a bewildering variety of subjects. The one thing common among them is that none of the blog authors are religious and that they occasionally talk about atheism or agnosticism every once in a while.

As an easy-going atheist, I mostly don't care what other people believe. However, I do care when people use fallacious arguments to justify their beliefs. Sometimes I even get my lazy self off the couch and engage in passionate debate about how their arguments suck. At least I respect those who admit that their questionable beliefs are based on "just because", but then I get into a righteous fury when some of them expect me to believe the same way they do and try to coerce the rest of society to behave based on their isolated beliefs. Not that I get violent or anything: I'm a little too passive to be violent.

And as a blogger who also happens to be an atheist, I finally got myself to include this blog in the Atheist Blogroll. In the links page, you should be able to see the 25 most recently updated blogs included in the blogroll, and you'll see the occasional house advertisement for the blogroll in the sidebar. Go see what other atheists and agnostics are talking about.

Stochastic Scribbles is now one of the steadily growing number of atheistic blogs included in the Atheist Blogroll, which has been growing by a little more than one blog per day since its inception. At this rate, it will take only about 15 million years before everyone on Earth is an atheist blogger, assuming the population maxes out at six billion.

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  1. It's not really that bad when you consider how much of the population actually blogs, the proportion among them who are atheists, and the proportion among these people who take the trouble to add their blog to the blogroll. World domination takes time. ;)

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