Bush supporting terrorism?

This is a crazy paranoid conspiracy theory, but why is it that so much of what the Bush administration has done over the past eight years seems to have been geared towards increasing terrorism? The administration might not have directly supported terrorists, but it is a widespread opinion that the Iraq War and the way they condoned torture has been a great motivation and recruitment drive for terrorism. And now with the bombing of a bank in Oregon that killed two people, it occurs to me that the current economic meltdown might not just be the result of the Bush administration's incompetence and wishful thinking. For some reason, I wonder if it was deliberate so that people would have more reasons to commit terrorism.

Perhaps it is all a deliberate plan to somehow rule the world by taking advantage of terrorism. By doing so much on the international stage to turn around international sympathy after the 9/11 attacks into universal anti-American sentiment, the Bush administration has been pretty successful at motivating terrorism abroad. And not only by blatant disregard for the constitution, which Bush once called "just a goddamned piece of paper", but also by destroying the economy, the Bush administration may have done its best to spark domestic terrorism. Why else would a bank be bombed at a time like this? The timing suggests that it may have been motivated not only by the economic crisis, but also due to anger over bailing out financial institutions while so many resist bailing out industries that support the average workers.

Of course, it may just as well be that this is all a paranoid fantasy, and that the bank bombing was just part of an elaborate scheme to commit robbery or just a fun thing to do for some evil psychopath. Or at least it may have been a terrorist attack that the Bush administration hadn't been hoping to encourage. Hopefully we'll know what the real motivation for the bank bombing is soon enough, unlike the case of the anthrax attack that the FBI had been so eager to close despite the facts still being so murky.

A container-less container in space


One interesting chemical instrument has been installed on the International Space Station. Called Space-DRUMS, it is a chemical reactor which can prevent the reacting chemicals from contacting any other solid material by suspending them in mid-air using sound waves. This means that it can avoid any chemical contamination from a container, such as plastics or glass, which can be useful for manufacturing ultra-pure chemical products. Although it might not be so useful if you even have to worry about contamination from the air itself: vacuum could prevent contamination from air, but then there wouldn't be any sound waves to contain chemical reactions.

This is the sort of thing that would be very difficult to do on the ground, if feasible at all. I have a feeling that sound waves powerful enough to suspend chemicals in mid-air in one Earth gravity would disrupt many chemical reactions that people may want to try ...

Discovery of supermassive black hole?

Center of the Milky Way Galaxy
Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

I don't get it. Why do so many news outlets such as the BBC talk as if there had been any uncertainty in the existence of a supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy? We already had direct evidence of its existence by observing how stars rapidly swing by it in their orbit around the center of the galaxy for years.

While the recent observations and corroboration are exciting in their own right, as it refines previous measurements and make things even more certain, I don't understand the slant a lot of the news media has been putting on the news. Am I missing something?

Capitalism as a description, not an ideology

Sometimes when I am talking about economic systems with other people, it often feels as if we're talking past each other. With capitalists, often the standard answer is that the free market will take care of a problem, with very little details to back it up. With communists, capitalism is often talked about as a great evil and that the ideal economic system would have no element of capitalism included, also with very little details to back it up. Needless to say, I don't agree with either camp.

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Dinosaurs: Before They Were Fuels

It is the rare boy who hasn't been in love with dinosaurs. I still have a fondness for dinosaurs, but I haven't been keeping up with the news, given how much is coming out concerning dinosaurs from their over a hundred millions of years of existence. So I find the video podcast Dinosaurs: Before They Were Fuels to be a nice way to hear about dinosaurs. It's a light-hearted and light-weight way to keep up with current news about dinosaurs, which is a good thing considering all of the other stuff that gobbles up my time.