Bush's not quite completely disastrous foreign policy

As proof that the Bush administration has not been the worst possible presidential administration conceivable, following the news concerning Iran, there are in fact countries around the world that are quite appreciative of President Bush. His foreign policy has not been a complete disaster (although arguably still quite a disaster), as Israel and Kosovo appreciate the support that they got from the Bush administration. The president also has an 80% approval rating in Africa, thanks to increased economic aid and his perceived role in reducing conflict within the continent.

While opinions from Israel and Kosovo are not really much of a surprise, the high regard that much of Africa has for the Bush administration is very much one. Regardless of whether the high regards are justified or not, this should be a reminder to myself that no matter how hard the Bush administration has tried to (unintentionally) portray itself as a cartoon evil, they're still a group of human beings who are capable of doing at least some things right. Then again, Bush's self-congratulatory and denial-filled final press conference as president makes me wonder that it's not for the lack of trying that the Bush administration is not pure cartoon evil ...

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