A new baryon: Ωb

The CDF collaboration at Fermilab has announced the observation of a new baryon Ωb, which was also observed by the DZero collaboration, also at Fermilab, last year. It's made up of two strange quarks and one bottom quark, which are of the sort we normally do not see in nature, and it has a lifetime of only a trillionth of a second. The observation of Ωb by CDF fits well with the Standard Model of particle physics, but the interesting thing is that the measured mass conflicts with the measurement done by DZero.

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    1. No news for the Higgs boson so far. It will probably be a while, with the LHC having to start up again and then taking a few years to go up to full power. Fermilab could end up lucky and discover it in the meantime, though.

      On the other hand, it would also be huge news if the LHC never observes the Higgs after years of operating at full power.

      1. That would throw a pretty big monkey wrench into the standard model if it never showed itself, I understand.

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