Religious schools and abortions

If you have a daughter and do not want her to have an abortion, then you should not send her to a religious school, because women who go to private religious schools are five times more likely to have an extra-marital abortion.

Of course, I'm not being entirely fair since correlation does not necessarily imply causation. However, it is odd how places where you would expect stronger anti-choice rhetoric have more abortions. Perhaps the way to get rid of abortions is to make access to birth control easier and get rid of misogynistic attitudes, instead of trying to outlaw abortions or kill obstetricians/gynecologists ...

2 Replies to “Religious schools and abortions”

  1. It's because they are scared of getting in trouble w/ mommy and daddy. Sex is taboo- she shouldn't have been engaging in that activity in the first place.

    1. Sounds like burning down the house to put out a match. At least I think the sort of parents who send their children to religious schools would be likely to have more severe opinions about abortion than about sex. It's ironic how anti-sex and anti-abortion views are responsible for more abortions ...

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