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LCROSS saw water

LCROSS crashed into the Moon last month, although the lack of a visible plume in the real-time video feed made the impact less exciting than it could have been. But the lack of a visible plume is hardly a failure, since LCROSS was sent to do science, not make a flashy impact.

And it looks like LCROSS has managed to find exactly what it was sent to find on the Moon. Analysis of the near-infrared and ultraviolet spectra as LCROSS passed through the plume kicked up by the impact of the Centaur rocket upper stage indicates that the plume contained water. And not the piddling amount of water that seems ubiquitously present on the rest of the Moon: there must be significant reservoirs of water at Cabeus crater. Just how much water there might be remains to be seen, as well as the identity of other compounds that appear to have been detected in the impact plume.

LCROSS infrared spectrum; from NASA