Declaration of war in Korea (yet again)

In response to a South Korean defense minister raising the possibility of a first strike if North Korea showed clear signs of attacking with nuclear weapons, North Korea accused the South of declaring war. The defense minister was being unwise: he should have been vague enough to make North Korea wonder if South Korea would ever strike first, while not making statements that the North could unambiguously use in accusations without making themselves look like even bigger jerks than they usually come across as. On the other hand, North Korea is yet again vastly overreacting (as usual).

Maybe for most people in the world, a "you just declared war on us" claim from a neighboring nation might be cause for great alarm. But for the average South Korean, it wouldn't be cause for panic, even if it does increase worry, since the North Korean government has been regularly saying things like that for decades. And it's rather hard to stay in total fear mode for so long when total open warfare has not broken out during all that time. No doubt such aggressive posture by North Korea is ulcer-inducing for military planners, since this might be the one time that the North actually starts something drastic, but North Korea has been crying wolf far too many times for the average person.

The average person in North Korea might have similar attitudes regarding aggressive proclamations from the South Korean government, except I suspect they never actually get to hear about them ...