Predictions for 2010

Despite the fact that I am not psychic, I have this irresistible urge to make predictions for this year:

  1. There will be a terrorist act somewhere in the world. (Just as in every year during the last decade.)
  2. A famous person will die. (Just as in every year since forever.)
  3. A U.S. politician will be implicated in a sex scandal, who will resign unless he is a Republican.
  4. The Catholic Church will have to lose even more money over a legal settlement.
  5. Someone will think they see Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or other holy figures.
  6. An artificial black hole will not destroy the Earth, nor will we be turned into strange matter.
  7. Dark energy will mostly remain a mystery, dark matter less so.
  8. There will be less ice in the Arctic, Antarctica, and many other glaciers around the world.
  9. The hit rate of these predictions will be higher than those for most self-proclaimed psychics.
  10. I will still be blogging by the end of the year.

Like all predictions that have a nice chance of becoming true, they're pretty vague, and the chances are probably higher because they're based on extrapolation rather than a funny feeling in my head.