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Blog revamp

It’s been over two years since I wrote a post on the blog. I’ve been keeping the software up to date, but did little else during that time. With the new year, though, I’ve decided to revamp the blog with a new theme.

It’s Twenty Fourteen, the default theme for Wordpress in 2014, so I’m not going hog-wild about designing a new look. One thing I really like about the theme is that it uses a “responsive” design: basically, the same set of HTML and CSS is able to respond to the interface being used to read the page, so that there is no need for separate HTML to adjust to desktop readers or mobile readers.

I’m a firm believer that the same URL should be used to point to the same page: I would never tolerate nonsense such as separate and links for the same page. The way I’ve been supporting both desktop-optimized and mobile-optimized web pages from the same URL was to use a separate plugin which selected the theme depending on whether the reader was on a desktop or a mobile device. Now I can just use a single theme which works well enough for both, which means a more consistent look and less maintenance hassle for me.

It does remain to be seen whether I’ll actually write anything, though.