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Edge of Tomorrow

I’ve recently seen the movie Edge of Tomorrow. All in all, it was a pretty good movie (and dare I say it, an awesome one).

It’s a science fiction movie about a soldier in the near future being stuck in a time loop fighting against an alien invasion. Basically, a military science fiction Groundhog Day. Part of the eye candy was the use of nifty exoskeletons to make ground infantry fight scenes look cool.

While the movie had its arguable warts, such as the lack of military assets other than exoskeleton-equipped infantry, the characters not using the best approach possible, or how the special forces soldier “knew” that she was “out” of it (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you saw the movie), overall it did a good job of keeping things consistent while avoiding over-explaining things that make sense remaining mysterious. (And the “warts” could be justifiable: we don’t see everything, they’re still only human and in a situation where they can’t optimize their approach through trial and error, they “felt” it, etc.)

I liked how it really did feel like science fiction and didn’t treat the viewers like they were dim-witted.