Iron lungs

Hearing about the death of a woman due to the failure of her iron lung inspires both sadness and respect. Being forced to live within an iron lung from almost when she was born because of polio, it is awe-inspiring that she still managed to live a fulfilling life despite her almost claustrophobic environment. It is sad that such a woman had to die because of the simultaneous failure of the normal power grid and the emergency generator.

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Tips from the Top Floor

If you like photography, then Tips from the Top Floor is a nice podcast to listen to. It has a rather cozy feel to it, in that the podcast is very community-driven, and it often gives out nice tips and background knowledge that budding photographers can appreciate. The semi-regular Tech Guy episodes, which are actually recordings from a separate radio show done with also the host of the Tips from the Top Floor podcast, are also great for learning basic photography techniques and other tidbits.


Audiobooks are like podcasts except much longer. They're actually books read aloud by a narrator. Like podcasts, they're nice for when you aren't able to sit down and read a book but would still want something to "read". Unlike podcasts, however, they're a bit harder to pause and resume listening at a later date.