Astronomy Cast

If you want to learn about astronomy, Astronomy Cast is a great podcast to listen to. It's a podcast that introduces the general public to diverse topics in astronomy. It not only explains what we know about astronomy, but how we know about things in astronomy (paraphrasing their slogan).

When it first started, I thought I would not learn anything new since most of the topics were those that I had read or heard about before, but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out that the podcast goes deeper into things without making things difficult.

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe is one of my favorite podcasts. It discusses what's wrong with the woo woo stuff out there in a common sense manner, has great humor, and is very informative overall. Listening to it is a great way to fortify yourself from being duped by con artists or self-delusions such as the paranormal or alternative medicine.

Of course, the reason I don't believe in woo woo stuff is not just because they're woo woo, but because there's no evidence for them. If anyone could show rigorously that things like telepathy exists then I'd believe them, but areas such as the paranormal or alternative medicine are so full of con artists or arguments from assertion that it's hard to take any of them seriously.


I'm a big fan of podcasts. Unlike radio or TV, I'm not forced to listen at a specific time. I can listen whenever I want as time becomes available, which makes it great when I'm driving or on long walks. The only downside is also due to its upside: because a podcast is not done live I cannot interact in any way while the podcast is being recorded. It's not really much of a problem since I'm asocial, so I wouldn't try to call in anyways to a live show.