Bureaucrats getting in the way of healthcare

Via Greg Laden's Blog, this is what happens when corporate bureaucrats get between people and healthcare right now in the United States:

An apathetic government bureaucrat might not be ideal, but this has got to be better than the way it currently is in the United States, where a corporate bureaucrat wants to deny you healthcare even after you have paid health insurance premiums for years. And this is assuming that a corporate bureaucrat allows you to get health insurance in the first place.

If you get it, then spread the video! In the words of Greg Laden:

Please copy this video onto your blog if you are a blogger. Otherwise, pass it around. WE WANT THIS TO GO VIRAL!!!

Contradictions out there

It's no surprise that politics make people say contradictory things in the same breath, but it feels like the cognitive dissonance is reaching epidemic levels these days. Or maybe I'm just suffering Golden Age syndrome. Here are some recent weird stuff said by people that gave me pause:

  1. Torture is illegal. We will not prosecute any high-level official from previous administration (who sanctioned torture).
  2. I hate socialized medicine. Leave my (government-run, socialized) Medicare alone.
  3. I don't want no bureaucrat determining my healthcare. Leave the current system (where bureaucrats determine my healthcare) alone.
  4. The healthcare bill encourages living wills (through an amendment proposed by a Republican, where I could easily say to not disconnect the machines until I'm really, really dead), so it is a secret plot by Democrats to kill old people.
  5. We should not encourage development of alternative energy because people want cheap energy. Remember the pain of $4 per gallon (non-alternative, carbon-emitting) oil?
  6. Socialism is bad for quality food production. Monsanto (a huge agricultural corporation) is an example of such socialism.
  7. I made a huge mistake. But I should be forgiven and not resign, since God (who turns people into salt pillars for taking a peek, kicks out people because they took a bite out of a fruit, and burns people for eternity) is so forgiving.
  8. I'm quitting. It's because I'm not a quitter.
  9. We need Hispanic votes. I will vote against a Hispanic candidate because I have to blow out a minor comment all out of proportion.
  10. Why does he not show his birth certificate (which he already did last year) to me (whose birth certificate the public has never seen)?

Missing birth certificate

Representative Roy Blunt of Missouri said:

What I don't know is why the President can't produce a birth certificate. I don't know anybody else that can't produce one. And I think that's a legitimate question. No health records, no birth certificate ...

The "birther" conspiracy is a batshit crazy conspiracy theory that is getting far more attention than it deserves, and here Roy Blunt is saying something incredibly ironic to legitimize a fringe claim. Googling "Barack Obama birth certificate" gives a news article right on the top which shows a copy of Barack Obama's birth certificate. Compare this to googling "Roy Blunt birth certificate", which shows no sign of Roy Blunt's birth certificate for ten pages. Is Roy Blunt an American citizen, much less a natural-born American?

What I don't know is why Representative Roy Blunt can't produce a birth certificate. I don't know anybody else that can't produce one. And I think that's a legitimate question. No health records, no birth certificate ...

No terrorists for US prisons

Senate Democrats have promised to prevent detainees in the Guantánamo Bay facility from being transferred to prisons within the US. The ostensible reason is that they do not want the detainees to be released within the United States, which is patently ridiculous on its face: there is no way they could confuse transfer of prisoners to another detention facility with releasing them. There has got to be another reason.

In fact, I can think of two possible reasons. One is that Senate Democrats are very soft on terrorism: it would be very hard on alleged terrorists to be detained along with other violent and psychopathic criminals. How long do you think an alleged terrorist would last inside a maximum security prison? For that matter, Republicans must also be worried enormously about the safety of the alleged terrorists, given the same "not in my backyard" responses.

Or maybe Senate Democrats have something entirely different in mind: if the detainees can't be moved to the United States or any other country in the world, where can they be moved to? The answer should be pretty obvious: space! They must be taking a leaf from Britain and Australia, and they must be planning to ship them to a colony in orbit, the Moon, or even Mars. The prospect of a space colony really excites me, even if it is going to be filled with the psychopathic or the very unlucky rather than the best and the brightest.

"Harmless" carbon dioxide

Cattle killed by carbon dioxide
Cattle killed by carbon dioxide

That crazy United States congresswoman from Minnesota, Michele Bachman, has yet again made a fool of herself, this time raving about how harmless carbon dioxide is, completely missing the point about the effect of carbon dioxide concentrations on global warming. I normally would not talk about anything she does (I'm still not sure if she really is as unbelievably stupid and delusional as she appears to be or whether she's a firm believer that bad publicity is better than no publicity), but her ravings about carbon dioxide being harmless leaves me wanting to ask her a question:

Does she think that the 1,700 people who died in a natural burp of carbon dioxide from a natural reservoir of the gas would consider carbon dioxide harmless?