Where are the moderate Muslims? There was one ...

A common criticism against Islam is that there isn't enough condemnation from moderate Muslims when a fundamentalist Muslim does something terrible. (The same sort of criticism can also be made against other religions, notably Christianity.) In my opinion, it's raised a bit too often even when not justified, although sometimes it is, but there's at least one case where the criticism would definitely not apply: a Pakistani governor was murdered by an extremist Muslim for opposing draconian blasphemy laws.

It won't matter if no moderate Muslim ever speaks up condemning this vile act, this is one case where the "moderate Muslims stay quiet" criticism would just earn a bop on the head from me, since it was precisely because he was a moderate Muslim speaking out that got Salman Taseer killed by an intolerant extremist. I may not have agreed with his beliefs, but I respect him enormously for standing up against intolerance. He should not have had to pay the ultimate price for it.

Can't have everything

There's a common saying concerning the theory of special relativity:

Relativity, causality, faster-than-light: pick any two.

Paraphrasing this, here is the stochastic scribble of the day concerning any god:

Omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent, real: you can't have all four.

Withholding fictitious donations

Pharyngula mentions that certain people claimed to have withheld million dollar donations to the University of Minnesota, Morris because PZ Myers desecrated a cracker (amongst other things). Adding up all the claims would suggest that the university would not get any donations this year. Surprise, surprise, donations to the university actually went up this year. Maybe there was a single person who actually withheld their planned million dollar donation to the University of Minnesota, Morris, but there is no way all of the claims were serious.

This gives me an idea. Maybe I should tell certain churches that I had planned to donate millions of dollars to them, but I changed my mind because they were religious, intolerant, hateful, homophobic, etc. Unlikely to have any effect, I know: just look at how well the tactic worked on PZ Myers and the University of Minnesota, Morris. Then again, if a church can believe that someone sacrificed himself to himself to save people from damnation that he himself administers ...