The Giant's Shoulders #10

Every scientist stands on the shoulders of giants as they add just a little bit more to what their intellectual forbears had achieved in science. In the same vein and as the host for the April edition of The Giant's Shoulders, I stand on the shoulders of the previous giant (singular), The Evilutionary Biologist, where I link to blog posts talking about classic papers in science and important people or concepts in the history of science. And Curving Normality will be the next host in May.

Call for posts for the Giant's Shoulders

Stochastic Scribbles will be hosting the April edition of The Giant's Shoulders, a blog carnival which is described as:

“The Giant’s Shoulders” is a monthly science blogging event, in which authors are invited to submit posts on “classic” scientific papers. Submissions are due on the fifteenth of each month, and entries will be aggregated and linked to on the host blog of the month.

Email any submissions with a link and a short description to, which is an email address that will continue to exist until April 15.

Launch of Galaxy Zoo 2

The new and improved version of Galaxy Zoo has just been launched! You can yet again look at pretty pictures of galaxies, and even more importantly, you can contribute to actual science by inspecting the galaxies and classifying them according to a small set of features. With more features to classify and a higher rate of pretty galaxies to look at, it looks like it's going to be an even better experience than with the original Galaxy Zoo, not to mention the better science that could result.

A look at a year of blogging

With the end of the first year that I have begun blogging on Stochastic Scribbles, this seems to be a good time to take a retrospective look at what I wrote about and list the more major posts. Given my interest in science, it's no surprise that a lot of the articles are about astronomy and physics. A lot of them were about spacecraft or astronomical discoveries in the news, but there were also a few introductory science articles on things that I found interesting or had wondered about.

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Dinosaurs: Before They Were Fuels

It is the rare boy who hasn't been in love with dinosaurs. I still have a fondness for dinosaurs, but I haven't been keeping up with the news, given how much is coming out concerning dinosaurs from their over a hundred millions of years of existence. So I find the video podcast Dinosaurs: Before They Were Fuels to be a nice way to hear about dinosaurs. It's a light-hearted and light-weight way to keep up with current news about dinosaurs, which is a good thing considering all of the other stuff that gobbles up my time.