The Giant's Shoulders #10

Every scientist stands on the shoulders of giants as they add just a little bit more to what their intellectual forbears had achieved in science. In the same vein and as the host for the April edition of The Giant's Shoulders, I stand on the shoulders of the previous giant (singular), The Evilutionary Biologist, where I link to blog posts talking about classic papers in science and important people or concepts in the history of science. And Curving Normality will be the next host in May.

Call for posts for the Giant's Shoulders

Stochastic Scribbles will be hosting the April edition of The Giant's Shoulders, a blog carnival which is described as:

“The Giant’s Shoulders” is a monthly science blogging event, in which authors are invited to submit posts on “classic” scientific papers. Submissions are due on the fifteenth of each month, and entries will be aggregated and linked to on the host blog of the month.

Email any submissions with a link and a short description to, which is an email address that will continue to exist until April 15.

Blog carnivals

With the elections on November 4th in the United States being over, the special election edition of the Carnival of the Liberals is up at The Lay Scientist. It includes articles that focus on the election, organized by whether an article was written before or after. My punditry as to what went wrong with McCain's presidential campaign is included in the latter category.

In the same vein, the 43rd edition of the Carnival of Mathematics is up at The Number Warrior, which has a preponderance of puzzles this time around. Among them is my explanation of a puzzle of chance presented at the Shores of the Dirac Sea.