Tainted Presidential Medal of Freedom

It's sad that the first thought that comes into my mind after hearing about six people receiving the Presidential Medal of Honor is to wonder how horribly they must have screwed up. After George W. Bush awarding the medal to several major screw-ups, the automatic reflex is to think that he likes people screwing up America. I know it's stupid to automatically think that the medal recipients must have done something really bad (no doubt most of the recipients did some really good work). I blame Bush.

South Korean government woes

I wonder if South Korean president Lee Myung-bak will be able to get his government back on track? His record might indicate that he's a great businessman, which is probably the reason he got elected, but so far he seems to be terrible as a politician. Will he be able to get back some of the public confidence, or will he continue to be as unpopular or even more so as the previous South Korean president at the end of his term?

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Bush and responsibility

I can't believe that Bush would preach responsibility when he is the great dodger of responsibility. Or is he planning to admit responsibility to all the screw-ups that happened during his administration? Really, he should be the first one to follow his own words, otherwise he'd never even try to fix things. Not that he could do much with less than a year left.