Spirit no longer roving

The Mars Spirit Rover has been stuck for months in a sand trap, and it hasn't helped that one of the wheels were broken in the first place while another wheel broke down as well. Efforts to get Spirit out of the sand trap now have finally been given up. Considering that it has roamed around Mars for six years (albeit over very small distances), far longer than its original three-month planned lifespan, that ain't so bad. And even with the Spirit rover being stuck, it will now be serving as a static station observing the Martian weather and seismological activity. Not to mention that Opportunity is still roving ...

Spirit from above

In yet another demonstration of its awesomeness, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter managed to get an image of the Spirit rover from orbit using HiRISE, even though the rover only shows up as a dark dot. For rovers that have been on Mars for almost five years, Spirit and its twin Opportunity are still going pretty strong.

Spirit from MRO
Spirit is dark bump marked by yellow arrow