New map of nearby galaxies

The Six-Degree Field Galaxy Survey has completed the most detailed survey of the nearby universe so far with 110,000 galaxies. This should help us figure out how matter is distributed on a large scale, and it should also reveal how galaxies move in respect to the rest of the universe. But it's still only a tiny portion of the observable universe surveyed: a hundred thousand down, a hundred billion more to go ...

Clustering pattern nearby galaxies
Clustering pattern of about 100,000 nearby galaxies

Gaming not so evil


A survey by the Pew Research center indicates that video gaming is not the totally negative influence some people believe it to be, at least for teenagers. I've believed this all along, considering gaming to be just like any other recreational activity, but it's nice to see the belief being backed up by actual research. Surprisingly, gamers apparently are more politically active than non-gamers.

No doubt we will still hear the oft-cited admonition that someone is too old to play computer games, but at least I can point to this survey when someone starts citing the "evils" of gaming.