Scribbled word cloud

Generating word clouds from Wordle seems to be an up and coming fad. Based on words that appear on a web site or blog, Wordle generates an image of a cloud of words based on how often they appear and laid out in a hopefully aesthetic manner. It's a Java applet, so there isn't any worry that generating images will overload the Wordle server. Cosmic Variance and the US/LHC Blogs are two sites that have already succumbed to the fad. With such prestigious precursors, who am I not to follow?

Word cloud for Stochastic Scribbles generated by Wordle

Generating a word cloud for this blog, it appears that I've talked a lot about North Korea. This is somewhat surprising since I'm usually not very interested in keeping track of the totalitarian state. I'm probably talking about them a lot recently because they're acting even more oppressively than usual such that they're causing incidents which even I can't help but comment on. Other things that the word cloud indicates are that I appear to maintain an interest in Mars exploration and that I might have a thing for "incidents".